<a href="http://fullbellystuffedburgers.com/our-burgers/bleu-cheese-burger.html">Bleu Cheese Burger</a><span>BOLD flavor…pairs nicely with a brown ale  </span> <a href="http://fullbellystuffedburgers.com/our-burgers/italian-burger.html">Italian Burger</a><span>Chopped spinach, sun dried tomato and garlic stuffed with mozzarella. We suggest trying it along with some fancy fries and a glass of Cabernet  </span> <a href="http://fullbellystuffedburgers.com/our-burgers/jalapeno-popper-burger.html">Jalapeno Popper</a><span>A burger stuffed with a cream cheese jalapeno popper? That’s  right!  Spice it up with our sriracha ranch sauce and a cold lager.  </span> <a href="http://fullbellystuffedburgers.com/our-burgers/jamaican-burger.html">Jamaican Burger</a><span>Black beans and a jerk seasoning provide a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.  Try it with our mango pineapple sauce and an island lager.  </span> <a href="http://fullbellystuffedburgers.com/our-burgers/matty-matt-burger.html">Matty Matt Burger</a><span>Sweet maple bacon and all natural peanut butter converge for the ultimate burger adventure.  Enjoy with a side of maple syrup…or spicy syrup!  </span>
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